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We do more, so you worry less

“I call Industrial Works, and soon
I have one less thing to worry about”

Industrial Works takes a burden off the shoulders of anyone who needs to create a manufactured component, assembly or finished product. We do it by going above and beyond the traditional role of a metal fabricator, combining a complete selection of extra services under one roof:

  • Engineering assistance
  • Prototyping
  • Custom metal fabrication
  • Sanitary fabrication
  • Component manufacturing and assembly
  • Complete on-site installation
  • Working with your in-house team to create a finished product

The bottom line is simple: call Industrial Works and consider the job done…and your worries over.

Capabilities without boundaries

Capabilities without Boundries

The equipment and expertise we possess, plus the enterprising spirit that keeps us expanding the range of manufacturing possibilities. Click here to find out more.

A menu of options

Meet the three subsidiaries under the Industrial Works banner:

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What’s in it for you?

What's in it for you?

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