Field Service Foreman

Posted on: September 21st, 2022 by Sara

Duties and Essential Job Functions:

Clearly Understand Customers Scope of work and expectation to effectively execute the Project to meet the customer expectation

  • Concept drawing/sketch
  • Identify the root of customer’s need
  • Identify the decision maker for the customer
  • Identify timeline, quality required, manpower (offer real timeline if customer’s is not realistic, Base timeline off material/labor availability)

Goal: To identify a clear scope of work, a plan to execute the scope and ensure an end result of win/win between all parties involved

Clearly Communicate scope of work and expectations to crew members/Project Managers

  • 15-minute max daily process/safety improvement meeting (identify individual crew members tasks for the day, re-enforce common sense leadership, equal mix of safety and process topics)
  • Fill out daily process improvement reports to be produced on demand

Goal: To create an attitude of leadership follow through and NOT assumptions

Planning of known future material and labor requirements

  • Order before 12 NOON gains a day in schedule
  • Material on hand will gain labor commitment
  • Alert Project Manager of future projects for existing customers

Goal: be on time and on budget to insure a win/win completion to all projects

Safety – In General

  • Good Housekeeping (Onsite/Shop daily clean up, trucks/equipment, organized job site(6S), organized gang boxes)
  • Enforce ISI Safety Manual/Handbook (Identify/Enforce Customers GMP(Good Manufacturing Practices)

Goal: To gain through teamwork an attitude that safety is in the crew member’s best interest

Lead Person – Communicate between other lead persons and Project Manager as required

  • Equipment needs
  • Manpower – Timely schedule changes conveyed to crew members
  • Timely response to voicemail – Target time (7AM, 9AM, after lunch break, 3PM)
  • Check e-mail regularly to insure accurate information and changes to expectations
  • Letting office know you are completed with job early
  • Timely paperwork handed into office

Personal Effective Competencies:

  • Work well with others
  • Willingness to learn
  • Willingness to train others
  • Motivation
  • Good Attitude
  • Dependable and reliable

Academic Competencies:

  • Computer Skills
  • Outlook
  • MS Word
  • Ability to use handheld measurement tools
  • Ability to use handheld tools

Workplace Competencies:

  • Teamwork
  • Flexibility and Adaptability
  • Decision Making and Problem Solving
  • Customer Focused
  • Safety

Industry-Wide Technical Competencies:

  • Understanding Blueprint Readings
  • Understanding P&ID Drawings
  • Manufacturing Process Development
  • Production
  • Maintenance/Installation
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Knowledge of International Standards and how to establish
  • Implement
  • Maintain and continually improve implements

Management Competencies (If Applicable):

  • Leadership – Being professional at what you do and taking pride in your work and showing it
  • Commitment to Safety
  • Values and Ethics
  • Coaching others on your team
  • OSHA Compliance

Other Competencies (As Necessary):

  • Ability to Travel
  • Comfortable working at Heights
  • Professionally represent Industrial Works/ISI/IMFG/IFAB/IFIELD

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