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Industrial Stainless

To make our team more efficient and better segment our business, we structured our work into three distinct Special Business Units (SBUs). Each SBU focuses on a unique facet of our work and allows us to fulfill the custom requirements on which our customers rely. 

When your business requires quality process piping, mixing or bulk storage tanks, stands, access platforms, or other stainless industrial fabrications, there’s no better team for the job than the Industrial Stainless team at Industrial Works. 

Often, metalwork for sanitary environments must adhere to a set of rigid specifications. Our decades of experience in serving these specialized markets provides us with insight and know-how that our competitors simply don’t have. For quality work without compromise, bring your industrial stainless jobs to the ISI team at Industrial Works! 

Design-Build Sanitary Fabrications 

Our ISI team is the best at handling stainless steel projects because that’s all they do! By specializing in this niche of custom fabrications, our Industrial Stainless team has become experts in their field.  

We can help you develop and execute your plans and deliver you safe and efficient process support equipment. From design to installation, let our Industrial Stainless division handle your metalwork needs.   

OEM Sanitary Equipment Building and Assembly 

Your production relies heavily on your stainless equipment, so it’s critical it’s properly manufactured and installed. We’ve built strategic partnerships across the industry that bring your project real benefits in strength and quality while also delivering cost savings. 

Whether you need food-safe process equipment or simply a corrosion-resistant solution for your facility, the Industrial Stainless team at Industrial Works can provide you with a long-lasting, efficient solution. 

Turnkey Sanitary Platforms 

When your employees need to access storage tanks or other large equipment in your sanitary facility, you need strong and safe sanitary platforms. Our Industrial Stainless business unit has produced a variety of access platforms that help employees access equipment, storage tanks, and more.     

These turnkey solutions keep your turnaround time to a minimum while delivering you with a proven sanitary solution that allows for good manufacturing practices in your sanitary environment. 

Take your upcoming stainless-steel project to the expert ISI team at Industrial Works! We’d love to talk about your plans and get you a quote. 

Not sure where to start? We’ll work with you to design and implement the right solution.

Not sure where to start? We’ll work with you to design and implement the right solution.

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