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Industrial Installation

Our IFIELD team is our crew of in-house contractors, completing on-site industrial installation and service work on your completed projects. These specially-trained teams have experience in working in equipment setting and rigging, general maintenance and repairs, and all-inclusive assembly and installation. 

Rather than outsource this work, our dedicated IFIELD business unit ensures you receive the best possible service. The team who started your project is the same one finishing it. 

When your success is on the line, our IFIELD teams can complete the work better and more efficiently than other contractors can. Don’t leave any installation or repair to chance – leave it to the IFIELD business unit at Industrial Works! 

Industrial Contracting 

Our IFIELD teams are our full-service contractors, completing all of our off-site industrial installations, assemblies, and maintenance work. They function as a support and repair team, focusing on your plant’s good manufacturing practices.  

In providing this service in house, we can bring our customers cost savings in addition to the higher degree of quality we can ensure by keeping these services with our employees. 

On-Site Maintenance and Support

Your custom fabrication is critical to your processes and your success, so it’s important it works as it should – under all circumstances. When your metalwork or process equipment needs service or upgrades, our IFIELD team allows you to call on the same team that built and installed it. 

Nobody knows your unique fabrication like we do, so it makes sense that we’re the ones who tackle maintenance and other service work. We stand behind our projects and will do what it takes to ensure they stand the test of time and perform as they should. 

Industrial Services

Whether you’re looking for sanitary process piping, millwright services, or OEM equipment installations, our IFIELD team can help set your project up for success. 

Our crews can complete installation work better because the project stays with the same team throughout the process. This prevents confusion and miscommunications that otherwise plague installation work and ensures your costs stay low while your quality remains high.  

Let our IFIELD service teams provide the excellent service that sets us apart at every stage of your fabrication project. Contact us today to talk more and get a quote on your next project. 

Not sure where to start? We’ll work with you to design and implement the right solution.

Not sure where to start? We’ll work with you to design and implement the right solution.

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